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Reply To: ISO: Whit Merrifield



Primarily interested in RC, but if after 2016, I’m interested in all autos and relic/jersey/patch cards. Only real base cards or non-auto or relic cards I’d be interested in is Rookie cards or variation/insert/sp cards.

I know the demand for Whit isn’t super high… but I’m super high and I’m Whitt.  #WhoUpShottYa

I also have a lot of trading cards available for trade if someone would prefer that route. I have listings on eBay if you want to take a look.

I also PC:Marshall-Mason-Miles Plumlee & Rick Fox.  Warsaw Community High School stand outs, from my former high school. Definitely has a local appeal for me as our community supports these guys greatly.

ALSO… if you happen to come across Nic Moore (former stand out at SMU under Larry Brown) material, I’m interested in that as well. He is also a former WCHS star and Mr. BBall Runner-Up… and my homie.