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Hits Memorabilia


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      Hits Memorabilia was one of my favorite baseball products (and I guess you could sort of call it a basketball/football product too considering there were some Jordan and Peyton Manning cards) Chad was one of only a handful of breakers who would have it – and I believe one of Firehand’s random player breaks was THE very first break I ever bought into. Although it was an unlicensed product, it was relatively cheap and had some sick patches with actual game-worn material! Does anyone know if HM will be coming out with any new products soon? I check their website every so often and it appears as if it hasn’t been updated in months. I also sent them an email a little while ago to see if they could provide any product updates; however, I never received a response. If anyone has any information, please let me know as I I am anxiously awaiting something new from them – thanks!

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      They confirmed to me that they will be producing cards again sometime in the near future, but did not specify when or in what capacity unfortunately.

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      Awesome – That’s great news!! Thanks for the update Chad!

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