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      Ok so it’s time we had a show off thread on the Firehand site……I am just going to throw up a few of my person favorites (mind you I currently have about 200 cards at Beckett including the Jordan BGS 9.5 getting re-slabbed).  So of the cards I currently have in hand here are a very few that I am hanging on to along with a few special items…..

      Jim Edmonds 2005 Leather & Lumber MLB Logo Patch

      Jim Edmonds 2005 Prime Cuts Portraits Button Card BGS 8.5

      Jim Edmonds 2003 EX Credentials Now BGS 9.5 14/38

      Jim Edmonds 2002 EX Jersey Patch RAWLINGS LOGO

      Musial/Griffey 2008 Legendary Cuts dual on card auto 8/75

       2006 Donruss Signatures Inkredible 6 Gibson/Ozzie/Musial/Brock/Red/Marty (EXTREMELY RARE)

      Jim Edmonds Game Used autographed bat

      Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospect auto BGS 9.5 10

      Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Prospects auto PSA 10

      Kobe Bryant Topps Chrome RC BGS 9.5

      Kobe Bryant EX 2000 BGS 9.5 (only 25 of them in the world)

      Kobe Bryant 1996/97 Finest Gold Refractor

      Derek Jeter 2010 Exquisite on card autograph

      And my most prized possession.  This frame is made from the barn on my grandparents place.  The barbed wire is from the fence that surrounded the barn.  The patches on the inside are my grandfathers patches from WWII.  The letter is a letter written to my grandfather from my great grandmother while he was in the war.  You can read the writing from the letter but my great grandmother didn’t know if grandpa was still alive or if something had happened to him so she was asking him to write her something short so she could know he was ok.  Every card listed has a price…….this piece is priceless!!!!!!!

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      Thank You for getting this started Travis. Some really nice stuff you got there. And the final WWII piece is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks man.  Waiting to see some other folk’s stuff!

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      Very cool stuff Travis, gotta love the old school 05 patches always wanted to open that.  I just got back into collecting cards in the last couple months after like 5 years, and a lots changed.  The youtube community of the day is non existent from what i can see (if anyone has a reason for that i would be curious to know).  Congrats Chad on putting together a stellar business, I remember joining your breaks back in the 07 premier baseball days so it was cool to see you had a fancy ass site and were still breaking boxes.  Well heres some cards i got in front of me that i thought i’d share to follow suit Travis (had to sell off a lot of my bigger cards a while back so slowly building back up to what it was).

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      Good looking stuff.  I love all of that mid 2000’s stuff with the nice patches.  That Premier was beautiful stuff and that Kirby cut is awesome!!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!

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      I was going to wait for a few more folks to post some cards before I posted some more………where are the collections at?  Or does anyone actually collect anymore???

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