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Vlad Sr & Vlad Jr Dual Auto from Definitive Random Teams #7


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      Hey guys,

      Please use this thread to discuss what you would like to do with this beauty. If either of you decide on a random draw, we will put the card to a random draw. Should you both wish to sell and split the proceeds, we can do that as well. Or, one of you may wish to buy out the other shareholder at an agreed upon price.


      JT  – Vlad Guerrero Sr
      Randonix – Vlad Guerrero Jr

      Thanks guys!

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      Hey JT, congrats on being the co-hitter of this card! My first inclination is to sell it on ebay and split the profits. I think the value of this card would be highest now since its a new product and Vlad Jr being uber popular. Please let me know what you’d like to do as well.


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      Let’s sell and split.  Just seeing this now I don’t watch too many breaks.  Thanks guys

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