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Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 6:58 pm
by Firehand-Chad
We are running an NFL Shield Bounty Promo!


The rules are simple - each break that qualifies for the bounty will be noted in both the break description and feature the sub-title “NFL Shield Bounty Promo” on the main Shopping page.
  • If your team in the break hits a full size NFL Shield Patch you win the Bounty.
  • Laundry tag shields, glove shields, helmet shields, hat shields, etc… Do NOT Count
  • Every time a promo break is completed and a shield is not hit the bounty will increase by $50
  • Bounties are paid out in Firehand points (store credit)
  • This Bounty is not limited to 1 specific product. We will be running breaks for Gold Standard, Certified, Elements, and more that will all qualify for the bounty.

Good Luck to You All!!!