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Be careful when making transactions online – Please use caution when dealing online as these rules are set forth to help protect our members while buying, selling, and trading. FireHandCards is not responsible for any transactions!

Creating a cookie crumb trail – Although we don’t have a feedback system up and running please use the Transaction Deals thread to post transactions between you and another member agreeing to the proposed deal. No editing of any kind will be allowed, but you may reply to the thread again if any further information or follow up is needed.

Checking references of other members – By using the Transactions Details section for posting feedback of other members regarding deals made through this site helps other members be notified of traders reputation as positive or negative. Creating feedback post of a member is most useful if done in same thread so others can easily view feedback history of a specific member. Including references for yourself may help your credibility by posting your Ebay Feedback Link.

Using PayPal – Paypal is one of the most widely used forms of payment online and is highly recommended to help keep proof of payment or receipt of payment from other members. Please do not send or request Gift Payments as we will assume they are just that since claims can not be filed.

Tracking and insurance – Using tracking is great to provide proof of delivery or simply to check status of a package. Don’t forget Insurance can also come in handy especially dealing with high end items.

Clarification sells itself – Please be as informative and detailed about your item including a clear picture to help members understand what items you are offering for trade or sale. Use a descriptive title when looking to buy, sell, or trade so members know what you have to offer or what you are looking for. DO NOT be misleading in any way or thread could be removed without warning.

Updating B/S/T threads – Keep your threads updated as to if an item is still available or not, if its already sold, or if you are no longer interested in an item or if you have already obtained it. Keeps other members informed and saves the hassle of wasting time.

No one likes clutter – If you have items of similar category then please add to existing B/S/T threads you have created instead of opening up new ones to keep things organized and easier for other members to search. NO excessive Bumping; keep those to a minimum and no more than 1 per 24 hour period.

No Raffles, Grab Bags, Group Breaks, or Wax – These are hosted by the site only unless prior consent has been give by an administrator. Violating this rule will lead to warning and or immediate permanent removal from site.

Violating these rules will include short term suspension, long term suspension, or permanent removal from site so please be aware of these rules and follow the guidelines set forth by the site Thank You!
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