HYBRID FILLER 2020 Topps Diamond Icons & 2020 Topps Definitive PYT

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    This will fill two breaks:

    2020 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball Single Box PYT #94

    2020 Topps Definitive Baseball Single Box PYT #36

    This is a new unique filler we are running in which each participant will either win a random number for the Angels and Yankees in Diamond Icons OR a team in either Diamond Icons or Definitive.

    This unique hybrid filler will award each spot either a random serial number for the Teams Listed Below, or a full team in the break. Each spot is guaranteed a piece in the break.

    Spots #1 to 25 after the draw will have that number for the following team(s) in Diamond Icons PYT #94:

    Angels 299
    Yankees 349

    Spots #26 to 45 after the draw will receive one of these Full Teams in Diamond Icons PYT #94 or Definitive PYT #36:

    Icons 94
    Athletics 59
    Blue Jays 79
    Cubs 109
    Giants 75
    Indians 45
    Mets 85
    Red Sox 105
    White Sox 149
    Definitive 36
    Athletics 55
    Blue Jays 95
    Brewers 75
    Cubs 75
    Indians 29
    Mets 75
    Nationals 75
    Rays 25
    Rockies 29
    Royals 25
    Twins 25
    White Sox 115