2017 Pantheon Football Random Numbers 5 Box Case Break #1

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    Breaks on Release Day: Wed, Jul 19 2017

    Breaker: Chad

    Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Breakers

    Break Type: Random Numbers Box Break

    Total Spots: 99 Number Spots (Redemptions & Points are Randomized to ALL Participants)

    Minimum Hits: 30 Autograph or Memorabilia Cards + 5 Metal Base Cards

    Break Rules: 99 Spots/Names are entered into the randomizer prior to the break. We roll the dice and randomize the list that many times. Whichever number you finish in the list is your number for the break.

    The #1 spot gets all cards #01/xx and , the #25 spot would get all cards #25/xx , #99 spot would get the 99/99 cards etc… All Redemption cards are randomized to everybody in the break.

    The number on the left side of the serial number stamped on the card is the number we go by, the right side is irrelevant. If the card is #05/10 it goes to spot #5.  Spot #10 has no play on that card.

    Configuration: 5 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack.

    – New for 2017, Pantheon Football brings an abundance of autographs and memorabilia from Hall of Famers and all-time greats.
    – It features a 100-card base set, which is printed on metal (#’d to 50 or less)!
    – Look for a variety of cards that feature dual-, triple- and quad-player materials, on-card autographs paired with dual- and triple-mem, coach autographs, and RPAs of the top 2017 NFL Rookies.
    – Each card tells the story of football’s biggest stars with exclusive team, milestones, retired jersey numbers, Hall of Fame, award winners and many more.
    – Every card in Pantheon will be #’d/99 or less!

    – 6 Autographs Or Memorabilia
    – 1 Base/Parallel


    The all metal base set features the best players in NFL history. All cards are #’d/50 or less. Look for Gold (#’d/10) and Bronze (1-of-1) parallels!

    This insert features three pieces of memorabilia and on-card autos! All cards are #’d/5 or less!

    Featuring the 2017 NFL Rookies in their pro uniforms, this RPA will feature plenty of prime hits for collectors to chase. All are #’d/99 or less.

    The top players to ever play their positions are included in this on-card autograph set. All are #’d/99 or less.

    Mentors is full of Super Bowl winners and all-time sideline generals. All are #’d/49 or less!

    SCRIPTS 25,000
    Featuring QBs with 25,000 or more yards, this autograph insert is sure to pass the test with collectors. All are #’d/49 or less.

    2017 NFL Rookies feature a mammoth 2 x 1 7/8 material piece. All are #’d/99 or less.

    There is only room at the top of the mountain for the best of the best. Franchise legends and other top legendary players are featured with four memorabilia pieces (#’d/99) or less.

    Sympaiktis (Greek for teammate) includes the top tandems from around the NFL. All are #’d/99 or less.