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Frequently asked questions

When will my break start?

Scheduled breaks can be seen on the break calendar. Breaks not on the calendar happen in the order they fill. You will receive an email prior to the start of your break.

When will my cards be shipped?

Packages are shipped every Tuesday and Friday. International shipping is done every other Thursday. All breaks that occur prior to shipping dates will be shipped on time.

Where can I see the video for the break I joined?

Do you have tracking info for my package?

Tracking info is uploaded to your account on Firehandcards.

If I do not get any cards from the break I join do I get a refund for shipping cost?

No, shipping for all group breaks is FREE!

Do you offer skunk protection or anything else if I do not get any cards from my break?

We are not currently offering any skunk protection for our breaks. We are working on a new points system to implement for hitless breaks in the near future.

Can you put me in contact with the owner of a card that was pulled in one of your breaks?

You can message other Firehand members on the Forum and enquire directly about cards they have hit in breaks.

When do you put new breaks in to the store for sale?

Pick Your Team (PYT) style breaks are scheduled to load in the store between 8 am and 9 am PST, 11 am and 12 noon EST daily. All other breaks are loaded whenever time permits.

What are Firehand Points and how do I use them?

Every $1 you spend on earns you 1 Firehand Point. Points can be redeemed at checkout for a discount on future purchases.

Do you offer grading service for cards that are pulled in the breaks?

Yes. We offer 30 day service with Beckett Grading for $25 per card. Grading submissions are sent out the first Thursday of every month. There is a threads in the Forum for our BGS grading submissions.

I received a package, but I am missing some of my cards.

Use the contact us page to provide us with information in regards to your order and what could be missing.

What happens if a card has multiple players on it from different teams? Who gets the card?

  • Multi-Team cards will be randomized using the random list generator. All teams on the card are entered into the randomizer and the list is randomized 3 times. The team that finishes on top is the winner of the card.
  • In the event that a very expensive card is pulled with multiple teams, a thread will be created on the Forum for the card. The owners of the teams will use the thread to talk with one another and reach a decision as to what will be done with the card.
  • Whether a card is randomized or sent to the Forum thread is a decision made in the judgement of the breaker.