2017 Super Break Holiday Edition Random Teams #4

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    Breaker: Chad

    Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Breakers

    Break Type: Random Teams/Categories Case

    Total Spots: 25 – 1 Team/Category Combo per Spot

    Minimum Hits:  3 Buyback Cards & 6 Memorabilia Items

    This holiday edition features the following:

    -New Rookie and Rookie Autographs
    -Vintage Hall of Famers
    -Bgs 9.5’s and Psa 10s, pack pulled cards and RCR Bgs Cards
    -Autographed photo’s, gloves, jerseys, balls and bats
    -Certified Game used jerseys, shoes and bats
    -Super Souvenirs, matted memorabilia and The Bar 1/1’s
    Any redemption items will be shipped at no cost to you.

    25 Spots:


    Astros Eagels Cavs
    Braves Seahawks Suns
    Yankees NY Giants Magic
    Dodgers Bucs Kings
    Orioles Titans Wizards
    Mets Cowboys Clippers
    Rockies Colts Pelicans
    STL Cardinals Steelers Heat
    Tigers Rams Spurs
    Cubs Falcons Lakers
    Twins Ravens Celtics
    Angels AZ Cardinals Warriors
    Philllies Broncos Bulls
    Red Sox Bears Nets
    Mariners Chargers Jazz & Nuggets
    Nationals 49ers Pistons
    Reds Redskins Rockets
    Rangers Bills Blazers
    Royals Texans Pacers
    Blue Jays Raiders Thunder
    Male Wrestling Presidential 76ers
    Female Wrestling Boxing Bucks
    Male UFC Female UFC Hawks & Mavs
    Music Soccer Twolves
    Athletics Acting Knicks