2018 Flawless Baseball Case PYT #12 Random Numbers Filler

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    This will fill 2018 Flawless Baseball Case PYT #12

    This is a new unique filler we are running in which each participant has a stake in all available teams in the filler.

    I will enter all 25 participant spots into the randomizer and roll the dice. We will randomize the list as many times as are shown on the dice. After the random, the number next to the participants name is their serial number for the break, from 1 to 25. 

    **These numbers apply to all teams listed below! If you have #5 and we pull a Yankees card #5/25 it belongs to you. If we then pull a Angels card #5/25 it also belongs to you.

    PYT #12 Teams:

    Angels 299
    Astros 69
    Mariners 99
    Marlins 24
    Mets 69
    Royals 59
    Yankees 399