2018 Topps Dynasty Baseball Case Pick Your Number #5

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  • Break Type

    Pick Your Numbers: You get to choose which serial number you want for the break. Typically the #1 spot will be mosrt expensive because is has the most chances to hit and will win any 1/1 cards. The #1 spot gets all cards #01/xx and , the #5 spot would get all cards #5/xx , #10 spot would get the 10/10 cards etc... All Redemption cards are randomized to everybody in the break. The number on the left side of the serial number stamped on the card is the number we go by, the right side is irrelevant. If the card is #05/10 it goes to spot #5. Spot #10 has no play on that card.

  • Description

    Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Breakers

    Break Type: Pick Your Number Case (5 Boxes)

    Total Spots: 10 ~ 1 Left Side Serial Number Per Spot

    Numbers Pricing:

    #1 – $550
    #2 – $215
    #3 – $215
    #4 – $215
    #5 – $215
    #6 – $99
    #7 – $99
    #8 – $99
    #9 – $99
    #10 – $99

    Total Hits: 5 Autograph Cards

    Configuration: 5 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 1 card per pack.

    Topps Dynasty returns in 2018 expanding on its award winning product. All autographed patches are signed on card and are numbered to 10 or less.

    New for 2018, look for Special Event Baseball Leather Cards

    96 Spot List: (Cut Signature Letters Are for the First Letter of the Players First Name)

    Aaron Judge
    Adam Jones
    Adrian Beltre
    Al Kaline
    Albert Pujols
    Alex Bregman
    Alex Rodriguez
    Amed Rosario
    Andre Dawson
    Andrew Benintendi
    Andrew McCutchen
    Andy Pettitte
    Anthony Rizzo
    Barry Larkin
    Bo Jackson
    Bob Gibson
    Bryce Harper
    Buster Posey
    Cal Ripken Jr.
    Carl Yastrzemski
    Charlie Blackmon
    Chipper Jones
    Chris Sale
    Christian Yelich
    Clayton Kershaw
    Clint Frazier
    Craig Biggio
    Dave Winfield
    David Ortiz
    Derek Jeter
    Didi Gregorius
    Don Mattingly
    Dustin Pedroia
    Francisco Lindor
    Frank Thomas
    Freddie Freeman
    Gary Sanchez
    George Springer
    Gleyber Torres
    Greg Maddux
    Hank Aaron
    Hideki Matsui
    Ivan Rodriguez
    Jacob deGrom
    Javier Baez
    Jeff Bagwell
    Joey Votto
    John Smoltz
    Johnny Bench
    Jose Altuve
    Jose Ramirez
    Juan Marichal
    Juan Soto
    Justin Upton
    Kris Bryant
    Kyle Schwarber
    Luis Severino
    Manny Machado
    Mariano Rivera
    Mark McGwire
    Masahiro Tanaka
    Mike Piazza
    Mike Trout
    Noah Syndergaard
    Nolan Ryan
    Nomar Garciaparra
    Ozzie Albies
    Ozzie Smith
    Paul Goldschmidt
    Pedro Martinez
    Rafael Devers
    Randy Johnson
    Reggie Jackson
    Rhys Hoskins
    Rickey Henderson
    Roberto Alomar
    Robin Yount
    Rod Carew
    Roger Clemens
    Ronald Acuna Jr.
    Russell Wilson
    Ryne Sandberg
    Salvador Perez
    Sandy Koufax
    Shohei Ohtani
    Steve Carlton
    Tom Glavine
    Vladimir Guerrero
    Wade Boggs
    Will Clark
    Willson Contreras
    Yadier Molina
    Cuts A to E
    Cuts F to M
    Cuts N to Z