2018 Topps Transcendent Baseball Case Random Hits

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  • Break Type

    Random Hits: Participants names are entered into one randomizer and the 111 hits are entered into a second randomizer. We roll the dice and randomize both lists that many times. The two lists are then lined up to assign the cards to the participants

  • Description

    This is our last case of 2018 Transcendent Baseball. We are offering it at the most inexpensive style break. A 171 spot, guaranteed card/hit break. We will breaking down both the 50 card base set and 65 card sketch reproduction set and making each card a hit in the break.

    We will randomize the empty Transcendent box among all participants.

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    Breaker: Chad

    Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Breakers

    Break Type: Random Hits 

    Total Spots: 171 – 1 Guaranteed Hit Per Spot

    Minimum Hits: (171)

    2018 Transcendent

    50-Card Base Set – 50 Spots
    65-Card Sketch Reproductions Set – 65 Spots
    Transcendent Autographs – 50 Spots
    Mike Trout Through the Years Autographs 1/1 – 1 
    Auto Patch or Cut Signature Relic Book Cards 1/1 – 1 Total
    Transcendent Moments Sketch Cards 1/1 – 1
    Oversized Cut Signature 1/1 – 1
    1952 Autographed Superfractors 1/1 – 1
    Mike Trout VIP Event Invitation – 1