2018 Tribute Baseball Numbers Box #4

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  • Break Type

    Random Numbers: 99 Spots/Names are entered into the randomizer prior to the break. We roll the dice and randomize the list that many times. Whichever number you finish in the list is your number for the break. The #1 spot gets all cards #01/xx and , the #25 spot would get all cards #25/xx , #99 spot would get the 99/99 cards etc... All Redemption cards are randomized to everybody in the break. The number on the left side of the serial number stamped on the card is the number we go by, the right side is irrelevant. If the card is #05/10 it goes to spot #5.  Spot #10 has no play on that card.

  • Description

    Eight Lucky Participants from this break will win a spot in our 2018 Topps Tribute Baseball 6 Box Case Random Teams #7 (drawn via randomizer)

    Breaker: Chad

    Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Breakers

    Break Type: Random Numbers Box Break

    Total Spots: 99 Number Spots (Redemptions are Randomized to ALL Participants)

    Minimum Hits: 6 Autograph or Memorabilia Cards & Base 

    Configuration: 6 packs per box. 3 cards per pack.

    Topps Tribute will return in 2018 as the first premium trading card release of the MLB season.

    New this year, each box of Tribute Baseball will now guarantee the following revamped memorabilia content:
    – 1 Stamp of Approval MLB Authenticated Relic Card
    – 1 Dual Relic Card
    – 1 Tribute Triple Relic Card new!

    Along with 3 guaranteed autograph cards per box and a wide assortment of new low-numbered subsets, 2018 Topps Tribute Baseball will deliver the highest level of premium collectability.