2019 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box

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    Minimum Hits: 1 Autograph Card

    Configuration: 24 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

    Bowman Baseball returns in April 2019 to establish this year’s prospect and rookie trading card market! Continue to find MLB-licensed trading cards of the game’s biggest prospects as well as 2019’s most promising rookies, as Bowman celebrates the 30th year since its 1989 return.


    As with prior releases, 2019 Bowman will feature a colorful rainbow parallel assortment of Base Cards and Top Prospects, as well as all NEW! insert subsets.

    Base Cards
    Showcasing MLB Veterans and 2018 Rookies.
    – 8 parallels to chase, including the Hobby Exclusive Orange Border

    Ready For The Show NEW!
    Featuring the top 20 prospects who are MLB ready
    – 5 parallels to chase, including the Hobby Exclusive Orange Refractor

    30th Anniversary of the Return of Bowman NEW!
    Featuring the best prospects and MLB stars in the 1989 Bowman design
    – 7 parallels to chase, including the Hobby Exclusive Orange Refractor

    2019 Bowman will be returning its most popular insert subsets featuring a colorful rainbow assortment of parallels!

    Paper & Chrome Prospects
    Top prospects and up-and-comers in both paper and Chrome technology
    – Paper Prospects – 8 parallels to chase, Hobby Exclusive Orange Border
    – Chrome Prospects – 17 parallels to chase, NEW! – Speckle Refractor

    ROY Favorites
    – 5 parallels to chase, including the NEW! Atomic Refractor

    Bowman Scouts’ Top 100,
    – 5 parallels to chase

    Talent Pipeline
    – 5 parallels to chase

    Bowman Sterling Continuity – HOBBY ONLY
    – 5 parallels to chase

    The 2019 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box will continue to deliver 1 autograph card per box.

    Chrome Prospect Autographs
    Featuring ON-CARD autographs of the top prospects of MLB.
    – 13 parallels to chase, featuring the NEW! Speckle Refractor

    Chrome Rookie Autographs
    Autograph variations of the Rookie Base Cards on chrome technology with ON-CARD autographs.
    – 7 parallels to chase

    ROY Favorites Autographs
    Highlighting top 2019 rookies with a limited edition autograph card. HOBBY SKUs ONLY
    – 3 parallels to chase

    1989 Bowman Buyback Autographs NEW!

    Dual Bowman Prospect Autographs – HOBBY ONLY
    – Featuring a rare 1-of-1 Superfractor

    All-American Game Autographs – HOBBY ONLY

    2019 Bowman Sterling Continuity Autographs – HOBBY ONLY
    – 3 parallels to chase

    2019 Bowman Ultimate Autograph Book Card – HOBBY ONLY
    Featuring 24 signatures on a 6-Panel Book Card