2020 Super Break “12/15” Football 10 Box Case Random Teams #14

SKU: 20 SB 12/15 FB RT #14
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  • Break Type

    Random Teams – Participants names and team names are entered into the randomizer on… The lists are then randomized individually dependent on a roll of the dice. Both lists are then copied and pasted into a spread sheet. The participant on the left is matched with the corresponding team on the right. All Autographs, Rookies, Inserts, & Refractos pulled for that team belong to the owner. Regular Veteran Base Cards are Divided up evenly among all 20 spots

  • Description

    This Product Is Scheduled To Release On 06/10/20

    Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Breakers

    Break Type: Random Teams Case (10 Boxes)

    Total Spots: 32 – All NFL Teams In

    Minimum Hits: 10 Buyback Cards

    Configuration: 10 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 1 card per pack.


    – Each 10-box case is GUARANTEED to contain a minimum of One “#12” and One “#15” buyback hit
    – Find Buy Back Cards of: Top Modern Rookies, the GOAT, Current Superstars, MVPs, and Hall of Famers!
    – Silvers, Refractors, Holos, 1/1’s, RPAs, Golds, Patch Autos, BGS 9.5s, BGS 10s, PSA 10s, SuperFoil 1/1 Autos , Jumbo Patches, Logo Shields, and more.


    This release is heavy on Tom and Patrick, PSA, BGS, high end and top buyback products

    Heavy on Quarterbacks, Running backs and Receivers

    Debut of The Bar SuperFoil Cut Auto and Memorabilia 1/1’s
    – The Bar 1/1s are redemptions and limited to FB greats only

    A Mystery Redemption Coupon does replace a buyback card
    – Scratch and email code
    – Mystery Redemptions include Certified Signed Memorabilia of Top Players, The Bar 1/1 Cut Autographs and any collectible too large for the box.