2020 Tristar Best of All Time Case Random Hits #7

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  • Break Type

    Random Hits: We First open up all of the boxes and show the hits. Then the Participants names are entered into one randomizer and the hits are entered into a second randomizer. We roll the dice and randomize both lists that many times. The two lists are then lined up in an Excel spread sheet to assign the cards to the participants

  • Description

    Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Breakers

    Break Type: Random Hits Case

    Total Spots: 4 – 1 Guaranteed Autographed Memorabilia Item Per Spot

    Minimum Hits: 4 Memorabilia Items

    Configuration: 4 items per box.


    – Only 80 Cases!
    – Special Autographs Celebrating the BEST in Sports History – Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Golf & More!

    All items are authenticated by Tristar, PSA/JSA or other reputable authentication companies

    Look For:
    – Kobe Bryant
    – Michael Jordan
    – Ty Cobb
    – Patrick Mahomes
    – Mickey Mantle
    – Roger Maris
    – Tom Brady
    – Muhammad Ali
    – Pele
    – Wayne Gretzky
    – Tiger Woods
    – Sandy Koufax
    – Ted Williams
    – Arnold Palmer