2021 Contenders Draft Football Single Box Random Hits #11+ 2020 Contenders Filler

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  • Break Type

    Random Hits: We will open the Contenders box and plug the hits into the randomizer, add the 5 NT spots to the list, and then roll the dice. We randomize both list and line them up on the excel sheet to see which participants win the NT Case Spots and which win the contents of the Contenders box.

  • Description

    19Lucky Participants from this break will win a remaining team in… 

    2020 Panini Contenders Football Case PYT #36!

    This is a Single Box Random Hits break that will also serve as a filler for our latest 2020 Panini Contenders Football case break, PYT #36. It will be run as a double random with 100 participants in one randomizer, along with the hits from the box and spots in the Contenders case break in a second randomizer.

    Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Breakers

    Break Type: Random Hits Single Box + Bonus Spots Filler

    Total Spots: 100 – 26 Spots will win either a Contenders Autograph or a Spot in the 2020 Contenders Case Break 

    Minimum Hits: 6 Autographs, a Box worth of base, and 19 Teams

    Configuration: 6 packs per box. 18 cards per pack.

    College Tickets are back and featuring the newest Ticket Stub Parallel!
    Every pack should have 1 autograph, 1 parallel and 6 inserts on average!
    Chase autographs of the highly sought-after 2021 NFL Draft Class!
    New to Contenders this year are the 1 per case Campus IDs!

    – 6 Autographs
    – 36 Inserts
    – 6 Parallels
    – 1 Campus Id Per Case

    Contenders Teams Available:

    49ers 149
    bills 179
    broncos 169
    bucs 199
    chiefs 299
    colts 259
    cowboys 199
    dolphins 549
    giants 49
    jaguars 169
    lions 99
    panthers 59
    raiders 109
    ravens 139
    saints 69
    seahawks 69
    steelers 179
    titans 49
    vikings 299