2022 Tristar H/T Autographed Basketball Jersey 5 Box Case Random Teams #20

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  • Break Type

    Random Teams – Participants names and team names are entered into the randomizer on… The lists are then randomized individually dependent on a roll of the dice. Both lists are then copied and pasted into a spread sheet. The participant on the left is matched with the corresponding team on the right. All items pulled for that team belong to the owner.

  • Description

    FirehandCards Live on Youtube

    Break Type: Random Teams Memorabilia Case (5 Boxes)

    Total Spots: 30 ~ All NBA Teams In

    Minimum Hits: 5 Autographed Basketball Jerseys

    5 boxes per case. 1 autographed jersey per box

    – Guaranteed 1 Autographed Basketball Jersey Per Box
    – Look for the Grand Treasure: Michael Jordan Framed Autographed Jersey

    Case Contents
    – 3 Hall of Famers
    – 1 Current Player
    – 1 Basketball Favorite

    Look For These and Many More!
    – Allen Iverson
    – Shaquille O’Neal
    – Walt Frazier
    – Hakeem Olajuwon
    – Nikola Jokic
    – Giannis Antetokounmpo
    – Larry Bird
    – Dwyane Wade
    – Kobe Bryant
    – Cade Cunningham
    – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    – Zion Williamson
    – Larry Johnson