2023 SuperCharged S3 Edition 5 Box Case Random Categories #43

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  • Break Type

    Random Teams – Participants names and team names are entered into the randomizer on… The lists are then randomized individually dependent on a roll of the dice. Both lists are then copied and pasted into a spread sheet. The participant on the left is matched with the corresponding team on the right. All Autographs, Rookies, Inserts, & Refractos pulled for that team belong to the owner. Regular Veteran Base Cards are Divided up evenly among all 20 spots

  • Description

    FirehandCards Live on Youtube

    Break Type: Random Categories Case (5 Boxes)

    Total Spots: 40 – Categories Listed Below

    Minimum Hits: 15 Buyback Cards or Memorabilia Items


    2023 SuperCharged Edition
    Featuring some of the finest collectibles & buybacks from
    Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey
    Boxing ,Golf, Presidential, Music and Famous Celebrities.

    This Product Run is Packed with:
    Top Modern Buyback Rookie Cards
    Signed Bank Checks
    1/1s and Signed 1/1s
    Signed Jerseys
    High End Memorabilia
    Game Used
    Sealed Boxes
    Complete Vintage Sets
    Rare Vintage Cards
    Historical Documents
    G.O.A.T’S, G.O.A.T’S and more G.O.A.T’S

    Find the following types of BuyBack Cards in this Product:

    – BGS 10’s PSA 10’s, and Black Labels-
    – True 1/1s, Logos, Logomans-
    – Graded & Encased Vintage Rookies and Stars-
    – True Rookie Patch Autos, Patch Autos, Jumbo Patches, Refractors, and more-

    Find the following types of Memorabilia in this Product:
    – Presidential Documents-
    – Historical Documents-
    – Triple and 6 Way Relics-
    – Game Used Memorabilia-
    -Team Signed Certified Championship Baseballs-
    – Signed Jerseys, Boxing Gloves,Baseball Bats, Magazines, Cuts, Books, and Photographs
    and More Amazing Certified Memorabilia!

    Each Box will contain AT LEAST 3 Total Items.
    At least 1 Buyback per Box Guaranteed!
    Some boxes and cases will over deliver

    5 Boxes Per Case
    3 Items Per Box
    15 Total Items Per Case

    40 Category List

    Signed Jersey (Football) – AFC Players
    Signed Jersey (Football) – NFC Players
    Signed Jersey (Baseball)
    Signed Jersey (Basketball)
    Signed Jersey (All Other Sports)
    Signed Book
    Signed 8X10 or smaller photo (sports)
    Signed 8X10 or smaller photo (non-sports)
    Signed Magazine
    Signed Presidential Item
    Redemption Items
    Signed Cut (Cut Signature Only)
    Signed Baseball
    Vintage Baseball Card (1970 to 1989)
    Vintage Baseball Card (1969 and back)
    Modern Baseball Card (1990 to present)
    Vintage Football Card (1989 and back)
    Vintage Basketball Card (1989 and back), Non Graded or PSA
    Modern Basketball Card (1990 to present), Non Graded or PSA
    Modern Basketball Card w/ Jersey Piece Embedded BGS
    Music, Entertainment, WWE, Boxing, Hockey, Tennis & All Other Cards – Buyback Cards
    Sealed Box – “Pieces” Product Line
    Sealed Box – Baseball, Basketball, Football – Major Brands
    Sealed Box – “Super” Product Line
    Sealed Box – “Keepsake” Product Line
    Sealed Box – “Tru” Product Line
    Rack Packs and Vintage Packs
    Signed Gloves
    Signed Music CDs or Albums
    Signed Entertainment Agreements or Movie Scripts
    Disney Collectibles & Cartoon Animation Collectibles
    Pieces Relic Card Triple Relic / Complete Sets
    Pieces Relic Cards Single, Dual, & 6 Way Relics
    Super Branded Trading Card (Non Autographed)
    Super Branded Trading Card (Autographed) – Baseball, Golf, Basketball, Actors, Entertainment
    Super Branded Trading Card (Autographed) – Football, Swimming, Boxing
    Modern Football Card (1990 to present) – Quarterbacks
    Modern Football Card (1990 to present) – Running Backs
    Modern Football Card (1990 to present) – Wide Receivers/Tight Ends
    Modern Football Card (1990 to present) – All Defensive Positions