Angels for 1 Box in 2018 Bowman Jumbo Baseball Case PYT #8

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    Single Team By the Box ~ Each spot purchased gives you the Angels for 1 box out of the case. The boxes from the case are placed on the table and the break designates each box with a number from 1 to 8. Participants are entered into the randomizer and we roll the die. We then randomize the list and the order in which the participants finish corresponds to which box they own the Angels for in the Case Break. Any cards of the Angels that come from the box belong to the owner of the Angels for that given box.

  • Description

    By purchasing a spot you will receive all cards for the Angels in a Single box from 2018 Bowman Jumbo Baseball Case PYT #

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    Break Type: Single Team By the box

    Total Spots: 8 ~ Each Spot gets the Angels for 1 Box in the 8 Box Case

    Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 12 packs per box. 32 cards per pack.

    2018 Bowman will be better than ever before by featuring the following product improvements:
    – 2 NEW 2018 Bowman Sterling Continuity insert card guaranteed per Hobby Jumbo box HOBBY SKUs ONLY
    – NEW insert subsets focused on the game’s elite prospects and biggest 2018 rookies, each with an assortment of color refractor parallels
    – Dual Bowman Prospect Autograph Cards, showcasing dual on-card autographs of the game’s future stars HOBBY SKUs ONLY

    The 2018 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Box will continue to deliver 3 autograph cards per box.Chrome Prospect Autographs
    Featuring ON-CARD autographs of the top prospects of MLB.Chrome Rookie Autographs
    Autograph variations of the Rookie Base Cards on chrome technology with ON-CARD autographs.ROY Favorites Autographs
    Highlighting top 2018 rookies with a limited edition autograph card. HOBBY SKUs ONLYADDITIONAL AUTO CONTENT
    Rare new autograph subsets have been added to this year’s release which will showcase the game’s biggest names and stars.Dual Bowman Prospect Autograph NEW! HOBBY SKUs ONLY
    Look for sequentially numbered, double-sided autograph cards featuring elite prospects.All-America Game Autographs HOBBY SKUs ONLY
    Showcasing today’s top prospects from past high school All-America showcases.

    2018 Bowman Sterling Continuity Autographs NEW! HOBBY SKUs ONLY
    On-card autograph variations of the Sterling-branded continuity set.