Flawless Basketball PYT #23 Filler

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    This Fills 2016-17 Flawless BKB 2 Box Case Break PYT #23

    I will enter all 20 participants into the randomizer and roll the dice. We will randomize the list as many times as are shown on the dice. ¬†After the random, the Top 10 names will win a team at random from the list below…

    The Bottom 10 will each get 3 Teams in a Single Box, Random Teams Break of 2016-17 Totally Certified Basketball

    Flawless Teams:

    Bulls 74
    Heat 44
    Kings 59
    Knicks 119
    Magic 49
    Nugets 79
    Pacers 109
    Spurs 129
    Suns 59
    Wizards 59