HYBRID FILLER 2018 Flawless Football PYT #14

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  • Break Type

    Random Numbers: 17 Participant Names are entered into the randomizer prior to the break. We roll the dice and randomize the list that many times. A second list of Numbers is Randomized the same amount of times. We line the two lists up in the excel sheet and assign each participant their numbers. These numbers apply to any Houston Texans cards that come out of the case. The cards are awarded to the left hand side of the serial number printed on the card. A card numbered 05/20 would belong to the #5 spot

  • Description

    This will fill 2018 Flawless Football PYT #14

    This is a new unique filler we are running in which each participant has a stake in the Cleveland Browns or a full remaining random team listed below.

    I will enter all 28 participant spots into the randomizer and roll the dice. We will randomize the list as many times as are shown on the dice.  Once completed, the first 25 names listed will have the respective serial number for the Cleveland Browns for the break. The three participants at the bottom of the list will win a randomly assigned remaining team.

    Numbers Spots (spots 1-25):

    Browns – $649 Value

    Team Spots (spots 26-28):

    Bills – $249 Value

    Cardinals – $125 Value

    Redskins – $69 Value