HYBRID FILLER 2018 Obsidian Football Case PYT #1 & Random #1

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    This Fills 2018 Obsidian Football Case PYT #1 & Random Teams Case #1

    This unique hybrid filler will award each spot either a random serial number for the Teams Listed Below, or a full team in a random teams break. Each spot is guaranteed a piece in the break.

    Teams: Spots #1-100 after the random draw will have that number for all 8 teams listed below

    Obsidian Football PYT #1

    49ers 54
    bills 79
    cardinals 75
    dolphins 39
    giants 189
    packers 79
    saints 54
    titans 29


    Spots 100 through 105 after the draw will each have a spot in Obsidian Random Teams Case #1