HYBRID FILLER 2019 Immaculate Baseball Case PYT #8

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    This will fill 2019 Immaculate Baseball Case PYT #8

    This is a new unique filler we are running in which each participant will either win a full team or a random number for the Braves, Mets, and Yankees.

    This unique hybrid filler will award each spot either a random serial number for the Teams Listed Below, or a full team in the break. Each spot is guaranteed a piece in the break.

    Spots #1 to 99 after the draw will have that number for the following team(s):

    Yankees 179
    Braves 135

    Spots #100 to 113 after the draw will receive one of these Full Teams:

    Cubs 59
    Diamondbacks 15
    Giants 39
    Indians 45
    Marlins 25
    Mets 129
    Orioles 39
    Phillies 39
    Pirates 35
    Rangers 39
    Rockies 39
    Royals 27
    Tigers 39
    White Sox 75