HYBRID FILLER 2019 Immaculate Football Case PYT #9

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    This will fill 2019 Immaculate Football Case PYT #9

    This is a new unique filler we are running in which each participant has a stake in the Giants or a full remaining random team listed below.

    I will enter all 109 participant spots into the randomizer and roll the dice. We will randomize the list as many times as are shown on the dice.  Once completed, the first 99 names listed will have the respective serial number for the Cardinals and Giants in the break. The 12 participants at the bottom of the list will win a randomly assigned remaining team.

    Numbers Spots (spots 1-99):

    giants 249

    Team Spots (spots 100-109):

    bears 69
    bengals 59
    bills 59
    bucs 29
    cowboys 119
    jets 29
    redskins 129
    steelers 89
    texans 39
    vikings 59