Leaf & Historic Autographs Multi-Sport Jerseys 3 Box Random Letters

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    Breaker: Chad

    Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Youtube Live Feed: FirehandCards Live on Breakers

    Break Type: Random Letters 3 Box Break

    Total Spots: 21 – 1 Random Letter or Combo of 2 Letters Per Spot

    **Letters Correspond to the First Letter in the Last Name of the Subject
    ** No ‘Q or  X’

    Example: A Joe Montana Jersey would go to Letter ” M ” for “Montana”

    Minimum Hits: 3 Autographed Jerseys

    Configuration: 1 jersey per box.

    Leaf is pleased to announce the exciting follow up to its wildly successful football jersey product. 2017 Leaf Autographed Jersey Multi-Sport Edition!! This release features an incredibly wide selection of hand signed jerseys from a wide range of sports, including a handfil of extraordinarily rare signed jerseys!

    Look for signed custom jerseys of popular names including:
    – Roger Maris
    – Andre the Giant
    – Michael Jordan
    – LeBron James
    – Emmitt Smith
    – Walter Payton
    – Tom Brady
    – Vin Scully
    – Clayton Kershaw
    – Nolan Ryan
    – Greg Maddux
    – Madison Bumgarner
    – Julius Erving
    – Ichiro Suzuki
    and many more!!!