Number Blocks Filler 2018 Spectra Football Case PYT #10

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    This will fill 2018 Spectra Football Full Case PYT#10

    We are doing a unique filler to fill this break. Each participant will receive a random number block for the team(s) listed below. The block corresponds to the last serial number on the card and only on the teams listed below. 

    For example if you have the “1” block and the card is serial numbered 01/10, the card is yours, if the card is serial numbered 21/99, the card is yours and so on. Remember, this only applies to the teams listed below!

    Additionally, all redemptions will be awarded to the “0” spot. Ten spots total are available: 0/Redemptions and 1-9.

    PYT #10 Teams :

    49ers 74
    Bucs 49
    Dolphins 54