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Break Results

2018 Panini Classics Football Inner Case Random teams #2 **NFL RPS** ~ 5/18/18

blacklocustrecords 49ers
grandmag59 bears
Nevadasportscards bengals/jaguars
fal bills
stormrider248 broncos
ejames_71271 browns
neimckay bucs
phipsi40 cardinals
bwig22 chargers
phipsi40 chiefs
corky313 colts/vikings
booyahyah888 cowboys
phipsi40 dolphins
case3223 eagles
iwamotolk falcons
fal giants
dloecher jets
booyahyah888 lions/rams
sjocken packers
DM13 panthers
phipsi40 patriots
cpont524 raiders
erikgustafcarlson ravens
chrisseidl76 redskins
Biznoose saints
dawgfather67 seahawks
djchurney steelers
erikgustafcarlson texans
81wolfpack titans