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Break Results

RPS 2018 Majestic Football Case Random Teams #2 ~ 5/19/18

fal 49ers
mtlhawk33 bears
tenman321 bengals/texans
iwamotolk bills
fal broncos
nicholascataldo2 browns
fal bucs
phipsi40 cardinals
dpom9 chargers
eagleeye82 chiefs
phipsi40 colts
TeamFirehand2 cowboys
TeamFirehand1 dolphins
Stew20CH eagles
leghorn56 falcons
pj.stojanovic giants
phipsi40 jaguars
jasonmeyer86 jets
blacklocustrecords lions
saliafrati packers
richardsalas99 panthers
fal patriots
davidtrogjr raiders
fal rams
dawgfather67 ravens
erikgustafcarlson redskins
Stew20CH saints/vikings
hvactherapy seahawks
blake.williams41 steelers
gdelan1 titans